Hint #1

This writer is alive and kicking.

Hint #2

X's in handwriting can also mean that the writer has a tendency toward self-sabotage or self-destructive behavior.

Hint #3

Following are the top 5 WRONG answers: Adolf Hitler, George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, Pat Robertson, Billy Graham

Hint #4

Big, showy signatures are common in the entertainment industry. Our showy writer is in "show business"





Guess Who

Can you guess the author of this signature?

Here are some clues:

  1. The upper zone contains the tops of the capital letters and the upper loops of the lower-case letters b, d, f, h, k, l, and t. The upper zone represents your ideas, dreams, and thinking processes. A writer with a dominant upper zone lives in the world of ideas. However, when the upper zone becomes distorted it shows that the writer has distorted thinking processes. Writers with a puffed up or inflated upper zone like to embellish and brag. And a writer with extremely exaggerated upper loops is often delusional or paranoid.  I’d say that this writer’s upper zone is a little “out of whack”…wouldn’t you?
  2. This signature is impossible to read. When a writer’s signature is illegible, he or she doesn’t want you to be able to read him/her. 
  3. This signature is large and showy. A big showy signature indicates that the writer wants to be seen as a mover and a shaker who’s larger than life. This writer is no shrinking violet or wall flower.
  4. The signature slopes steeply uphill, often a sign of a writer with loads of energy and ambition, and, sometimes, a tendency toward manic behavior.
  5. Do you notice the x-formations in the writer’s middle initial and the first letter of the last name? These cross-like formations suggest that religion plays an important part in this writer’s life. X-formations can also be a sign that the writer thinks or fantasizes about death.
  6. The middle initial and the first letter of the last name also contain structures that resemble flags. Flag-like structures in handwriting are symbolic of a writer who is a devoted partisan, patriotic, or passionate for a crusade.
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